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LAMA Europe - Statutes

LAMA EUROPE approved by first General Meeting on 15-th April 2011:

LAME_EUROPE_STATUTES as of 15.4.2011

 Legal Status of LAMA EUROPE:

1. The association was established in accordance with the provisions of Czech Act No. 83/1990 Coll. the association of citizens.

2. The Association is a voluntary non-governmental, non-profit and apolitical organization, uniting members on the basis of common interest.

3. The association is a legal entity under Czech law. It has the capacity to independently bind and acquire the rights. It is authorized to negotiate with governments, corporations and individuals at home and abroad. The association has its own separate account and manages in accordance with relevant legislation.

4. The association cooperates with LAMA - Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association, registered in the USA.

5. The official language of the LAMA-EUROPE is English.

Original statutes in Czech language approved by Czech Interior Ministry, where LAMA EUROPE is registered:

LAME_EUROPE_STATUTES in Czech language