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GENERAL MEETING 2017 - Invitation



Dear manufacturer representative,

In the name of LAMA-EUROPE Board I would like to invite You to our General Meeting which will be held on Thursday 6.April 2017 from 16:30-18:00 at AERO Friedrichshafen, Room Rome, Conference Center East.

All manufacturer representatives are welcomed, but only members who payed their subscriptions in 2016 are allowed to vote, eligible members will receive voting cards during registration.

This year we need elect the Board, and we will discuss very important topics related to Basic Regulation proposal which could lead to significant changes in AnnexII/AnnexI concerning the definition of ultralight aircraft.

Come to discuss important matters of light aviation industry in Europe!


Jan Fridrich
Zahradní 603
76315 Slušovice
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 777 813 040


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